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I'm From Rolling Stone

Russell Morse gets his MTV on

YO! Youth Outlook , Jan 16, 2007


Russell -- an editor at YO! spent the summer working for Rolling Stone, the reality show based on that experience is on MTV right now, God help us all. Check it out every Sunday night at 10pm. Fa sho!

WATCH THE TRAILER for the new MTV reality show I'm From Rolling Stone, where six contestants fight for a job with the world's biggest music magazine.

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Latest stories, video, and audio from Morse:

Fence In The Sky -- Border Wall Cuts Through Native Land

Oakland is the New Oakland (His first assignment for Rolling Stone, but we had to jack it and change the headline. Sorry RS.)

Mad Max in Borderland

As the Flames Die Down

All LA All Day

We kicked it with these mexi-gutterpunk squatter kids while they did some graf pieces on the walls of the LA River. If you recall, thatís where our immigrant cyborg governor rode a motorcycle in Terminator 2.

This is a streaming MP4 video - you'll need Quicktime 6 or later to view it.

Finding God

Russell found God. He was hiding behind a tree in a cemetery in Salt Lake City, throwing rocks at cars.

This is a streaming MP4 video - you'll need Quicktime 6 or later to view it.

Hip Hop Is Dead This Morning

(1m 058s, mp3, 1.4MB) Download File

Russel Morse and the YO! radio crew remix the news. (KMEL HD Radio Sneak Preview)

(4m 50s, mp3, 3.9MB) Download File

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