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ESPN 3-D Coming Soon

Denise Tejada
Jan 08, 2010


From: Youth Radio

The coolest and most exciting feature is coming to television this year: 3-D. ESPN will launch their ESPN 3-D on June 11th with a World Cup soccer match. This is the best way to start the year—that is if you own a 3-D television.

ESPN will broadcast 85 live sporting events with no reruns. This means that the screen will be black when there is nothing schedule to broadcast in 3-D. The station has already decided to broadcast in 3-D the Summer X Games, NBA games, college basketball and football games.3-D functionality is nothing new to ESPN. The station has been testing 3-D for more than 2 years. 

Watching Monday night football on HD is exciting already, just imagine 3-D. But jumping on this bandwagon can leave you broke. A Phillips’s 42 inch 3-D flat-screen cost $8,999. This is not including how much it would cost a month to get your cable provider’s 3-D plan. I know I'm not ready to empty my wallet for this experience.



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